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The Goodness Of Culinary Carried Through Generation

Over 67 years ago, Chilliyan Hassainar Master, a great teacher who was working with Indian Military started something amazing at Brigade road - one of the lively sites in Bangalore - for the people to get to know the real taste of Indian cuisine. He was the only one who served authentic Thalassery fare in Bangalore at that time. As demand grew, he opened more freestanding restaurants at Church Street and Central Street under the brand ‘Hotel Metropole’, where he continued experimenting with new delicacies. Highlighting an impressive number of classic treats presenting on the table, the restaurant also grew as a getaway spot for the brave cantonment military officers serving the area.

Now, the ‘Metropole Restaurant'; with a keen eye on all aspects of cooking, we thrive continuously to present authentic Malabar dishes to the excited gourmets out there. A passion for serving top quality food and slow-cook them to perfection that captures the essence of every cuisine is the greatest achievement of our team. The Biriyani cooked in a special way at the restaurant are very famous for its taste and feel.


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